Saturday, November 19, 2011

UFC 139 fights: Shogun, Henderson, Silva, Le, Faber, Bowles, Bonnar, Bader Nov 19 2011

UFC 139: Shogun, Hendo, Wanderlei Silva, Cung Le, Urijah Faber, Brian Bowles. UFC 139: November 19 2011

Six MMA champions are fighting tonight in San Jose: Maurício Shogun Rua, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva, Cung Le, Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles.

Will Shogun, who is taller and younger than his opponent, let Hendo close the distance, or will keep the Native American unbreakable heir off with constant kicking and punching?
Will Dan follow Strikeforce's Fedor in case of defeat? Unlikely... unless this iron-chin bully loses several fights in a row.

Wanderlei Silva admits that Cung Le has the most varied and unique kicks in MMA, now, will Vietnam-born Mixed Martial Arts coach and movie star hurt the veteran Brazilian warrior with a painful stomach-kick, or Silva will succeed in reaching the adversary chin?

Brian Bowles brings a very solid stand-up and strong guillotine choke, but will all of it overcome Urijah's famous fighting creativity?

TUF-lovers will see a big wrestler who has lately been thru hard times, Ryan Bader, take on Jason Brilz.

One of the attractive sides of the evening is the match-up for another MMA veteran/commentator Stephan Bonnar who is fighting Kyle Kingsbury.

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