Friday, November 25, 2011

Peru Alien Skull 2011 pic Cusco Andahuaylillas Alien Skull, Renato Riquelme

PHOTO: "Peru Alien Skull" and parts of childish skeleton were found by Renato Riquelme at Andahuaylillas in south-eastern Peru.

The skull, which comprises teeth of an adult and soft tissue of a 1 yo child, is too big and the rib cage is too small.

Might this be just an anomaly in growth and development?
A midget skeleton or that of a freak mother killed with her unwanted baby?
A short native, who underwent targeted deformation in earlier childhood?

DNA test should give the answer. Meantime, 3 anthropologists from Russia and Spain, who arrived in Peru in later November, agreed that the remains were ‘not of a human being’.

The "Alien Skull" is kept at the Privado Ritos Andino museum in Cusco.

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