Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas wallpaper: Christmas Tree, Santa Claus & Reindeers, Fireplace, Toys,Snowman, Polar bear

Since the Brazilians are getting a record in Guinness book for a floating Christmas tree and Christmas rush is coming soon, when friends will share best wallpapers, below a few of our humblest top 10 and all the credit to authors.

Christmas wallpapers may be found useful for home and workplace PC, for a custom T-shirt or for e-mailing to friends and family.

Among them are a classy Christmas Tree, well-drawn Santa Claus & Reindeers over city, White/ Polar Bear, a comfy Fireplace, some Christmas Tree Toys, and almost-no-scare Snowman...

Elegant Christmas Tree wallpaper

Yule Christmas Tree wallpaper

Santa Claus & Reindeers Christmas wallpapers

Santa Claus & Reindeers Christmas wallpapers

Polar Bear Christmas wallpaper

Fireplace Christmas wallpaper

Christmas Tree Toys wallpapers

Christmas Tree Toys Vector wallpaper

Snowman Christmas wallpaper

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